University of Hawai‘i


Notes on publications: The primary reference for the PISALE code is the 2015 paper by Koniges, et al.. The surface tension model used in PISALE is discussed in the 2017 paper by Liu, et al.. The PISALE finite element diffusion solver used for thermal conduction and radiation transport is described in the 2015 paper by Fisher, et al.. The laser-ray tracing package in PISALE is described in the 2010 paper by Maters, et al.. The material models used for PISALE impact and fragmentation simulations are described in the 2008 paper by Fisher, et al.. Multiple materials and interface reconstruction in PISALE is discussed in 2008 paper by Masters, et al.. Combining ALE with AMR for gas-dynamics using the Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement Application Interface (SAMRAI) is first discussed in the 2004 paper by Anderson, et al..